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A bicycle trip down the American Continent

Total miles: - 16,755


David and Joan Wooldridge of Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire, England, UK decided to cycle from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in Southern Chile from June 2000 until about March 2002.

We traveled through sixteen countries and over high mountain ranges during the trip.

Bikes: Standard Trek 6500 with Tubus steel carrier and Ortlieb Bike-Packer-Light panniers. Bottom brackets have been changed to Kinex sealed. Rims changed to DRC double eyelet 22mm.

Tent: Macpac Celeste. On tryout at home, the Velcro has laddered the insect mesh and the tent was returned to the retailer for repair. (All they did was double up the Velcro!)

Insurance: BMC of Manchester, UK. We have opted for this company which gives full annual cover for all our needs, especially repatriation if necessary, for 312 UKP for both of us. By the way, the third party cover given by membership of the CTC does not cover USA and Canada.

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Report 1.   First stage.

Flight from Stanstead (08.40) to Anchorage via Amsterdam and Seattle. Arrive at Anchorage at 20.00 hrs on the 27th June. The first 3 nights are booked at the Spenard International Hostel only 2 miles from the airport and 3 miles from downtown. It is our intention to buy sleeping bags, mats, water purifier, and cooker etc in Anchorage as the prices are considerably cheaper than in the UK. We have already bought our tent in the UK.

While in Anchorage we must find out how to get us and our bikes 800 miles north to Prudhoe Bay where we intend to start. This should not be too difficult as there are tour buses and oil lorries to the oilfield there. The Hostel manager says that nobody has ever ridden it by bike but we are not so sure that he is right. One problem is that the first 500 miles back is all gravel road with one service stop in the first 400 miles. How much food do we carry?

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27th June 2000 Depart from Stanstead

7th July 2000 Tok to Alaska - 580 miles

21st July 2000 At Whitehorse

27th July 2000 Whitehorse to Juneau

8th August 2000 Juneau to Prince George & Highway 16

20th August 2000 Prince George to Revelstoke - 2,316 miles

2nd September 2000 Revelstoke to 100 Mile House - 2,650 miles

12th September 2000 Lone Butte Red Willow Ranch to Wenatchee - 3,150 miles

23rd September 2000 Wanatchee to Seaside (Oregon) - 3,600 miles

28th September 2000 Seaside to Coos Bay - 3,875 miles

13th October 2000 Coos Bay to San Francisco - 4,500 miles

31st October 2000 San Francisco to Morrow Bay - 4,900 miles

10th November 2000 Morrow Bay to San Diego - 5,300 miles

18th November 2000 San Diego to San Diego - 5,500 miles

27th November 2000 San Diego to Guerrero Negro (Baja) - 6,100 miles

6th December 2000 Guerroro Negro to Loreto - 6,362 miles

22nd December 2000 Loreto to Hildago del Parral. - 6,800 miles.

4th January 2001 Hildago del Parral to Mazatlan - 7,400 miles

20th January 2001 Mazatlan to Manzanillo. - 7,850 miles 

2nd February 2001 Manzanillo to Santiago Pinotepa Nacional. - 8490 miles.

15th February 2001 Santiago Pinotepa Nacional to Comitan de Domingues. - 8,950 miles.

10th March 2001 Comitan to San Pedro de Atitlan. - 9,200 miles.

26th March 2001 San Pedro to Antigua. - 9,300 miles.

26th April 2001

19th June 2001 - David & Joan left at 18:00GMT from the UK

So keep an eye out cyclists the trip is back on.

3rd July 2001 Quito to Riobamba. - 9,600miles.

13th July 2001 Rio Bamba Equador to Piura Peru. - 9,990 miles.

21st July 2001 Piura to Chimbote. - 10,300 miles.

30th July 2001 Chimbote to Lima. - 10,550 miles.

18th August 2001 Lima to Arequipa. - 11,230 miles.

30th August 2001 Arequipa to Juliaca. - 11,550 miles.

16th September 2001 Juliaca-Peru to Cochabamba - Bolivia. - 12,123 miles.

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8th October 2001 Cochabamba to Tarija. - 12,711 miles.

22nd October 2001 Tarija to San Salvador de Jujuy - 13,071 miles.

27th November 2001 San Salvador de Jujuy to Cafayte - 13,573 miles.

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14th December 2001 Cafayte to Mendoza - 14,396 miles.

30th December 2001 Mendoza to Panguipulli in the Lake District - 15,510 miles.

17th January 2002 Panguipulli to Puerto Natales. - 16,010 miles.

28th January 2002 Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas. - 16,335 miles.

12th February 2002 Punta Arenas to Ushuaia. - 16,755 miles.


16,755 miles, 20 months.

Thanks to all those who have been so kind to us on the journey and to those whose support was most appreciated. Our plan is to return to Quito by bus and fly from there to England on 3rd March, arriving at Stanstead at 7.20 a.m. on Monday 4th March. Keep reading the web-site, more to come.

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