26th April 2001.

Homesickness has beaten us. Joan has been through the mental agony of increasing homesickness, which finally became stronger than the challenge to carry on. We very reluctantly decided to abandon our trip and return home to England. The decision was the most difficult we have ever made, and once home, second thoughts have continued to plague our consciences. We have decided to stay at home to attend the wedding of our second son Adam on the 16th June as once home we cannot leave again with the wedding so soon.

Tentative plans are to return soon after the wedding to complete our trip and readers should watch this space for further news in June.


We have both had an outstandingly enjoyable and memorable trip and have seen some wonderful sights such as hordes of migrating salmon and awe inspiring glaciers in Alaska to the poor but very colourful people of Guatemala who we will never forget.


Our thanks go out to all those wonderful people we have met on the way. Their friendship and hospitality will be remembered forever, especially those that have put their complete trust in two total strangers and let us stay in their homes as if we were members of the family. To all those fellow travellers on the road - good luck, don't give up, our thoughts will be with you for the rest of your trip.

We wish to extend an invitation to any of those we have met to stay with us in England any time they are here. Perhaps we can repay some of the kindness that they have shown us.


Our special thanks go to our friends and relatives who have given us their unending support and encouragement. All the pictures on the web site were selected, scanned and processed by our friend and fellow cyclist Alan. We thank him on behalf of all those who have enjoyed looking at them.


Lastly a very large thank you to our eldest son Mark who as everybody knows has done the difficult job of maintaining our web site in order to keep you all informed.