20th August 2000

Prince George to Revelstoke - Miles 2316


The cyclist's hospitality list showed an address in Prince George. Without hesitation, Margaret, Richard and their daughter Jesse invited the four of us into their home. They were marvelous hosts and treated us to supper and breakfast for 2 days and nights. Richard Thomson is a successful writer of children's storybooks and also has a web page intended for teachers to access. It is www.drawandtell.com . Leo, a master baker by trade, with Jess's assistance baked some wonderful fresh loaves, which we had for breakfast with fresh fruit and jam. Prince George is the largest town since Anchorage. We arrived at a holiday weekend with Monday being in public holiday. Spent most of Monday lazing in the local park listening to jazz and folk music in warm sunshine.

Bought helmets (don't tell Greta). Bell Image 2000 at 35 UKP each as they are mandatory in British Columbia. Joan was taught juggling by Richard and has now managed 3 balls 46 times without dropping one. Thank you Richard. Leo managed to juggle with clubs.

Another change of plan. As we are way up on original schedule we plan to go to 100-mile house the long way round via Jasper in Alberta to meet Peter Crofts. The scenery so far has been more trees, mountains and lakes - weather now sunny until McBride - the tourist information center at McBride was a railway carriage. Since Alaska, the hard shoulders have deteriorated to erratic, bad condition and sometimes not at all. The rutted surface is difficult to ride.

Entry into Mount Robson National Park is $5 ca. (2 UKP) per day each. As Jasper is in the park we had no option, as there is no other way. The group rate is $10ca per day per group of up to seven people. As we reached the National Park booth we saw Leo and Nadine waiting for us. We said we were with them and the border officials classed us as a group. When complaining at the tourist info about the unfairness of the fees for only two people we pointed out that although we were a group in the evenings we didn't cycle together and therefore only one of us had the group pass. They arranged for a photocopy and a written explanation for us to present when challenged. It was fair to give Leo and Nadine half the cost of the permit, $25.

Stunning scenery on the road to Jasper. Jasper is a small very tourist town with tourist prices and surrounded by snow capped mountains. Elk in campground. Temperature 37f at night. Most nights we have a campfire. Said goodbye to Leo and Nadine but we were sure we would meet again.

Jasper to Lake Louise.

More mountainous scenery - the most stunning so far. Two climbs up to 7000ft. At the top of the first, the only two campgrounds were full and we stayed at a hostel for $12 each (no showers or hot water) Went through 2000 mile barrier.

The night temperature went below freezing and we found that rocks heated on the campfire and wrapped in a towel were good storage heaters overnight.

Turned onto Trans Canada Hwy No.1 at Lake Louise. Road very busy with large trucks. Only a two lane road with bad hard shoulders or none at all. Not recommended for cycling.

Joan had haircut $22 (10UKP). David sat in swimming trunks in launderette while all clothes had their treat of a hot wash. Clothes are normally washed by hand at campsites but need a treat occasionally.

Treated to coffee, sausage and egg breakfast with toast and jam by a RV'er. Joan ate the sausage and enjoyed it. They also gave us a large pack of bacon, which David had for breakfast and lunch.

Spending rest day at Revelstoke on a campsite by the railway (Nearly all the campsites are by the railway which seems to follow all the roads).

We intend to slow down for a few days before we meet Peter Crofts and his bicycle tour.