23rd February 2004

Now motorised, we explored the road up to Arthers Pass fand stayed in a small backpackers overnight before returning to Christchurch the next days. The Arthers pass road was boring even in a car and we are glad we did not do it by bike.

After a bit of shopping and getting used to buying large items and even a box of wine, we set off to MacPac for our tent.

There was good news and bad news. First, they had replaced a pole section and all the pole-elastic, fitted new pole eyelets all round, reinforced the corner sections and all for free. Second, the bad news. They had tested the flysheet and ground sheet and deemed them past their use-by date. Three years and 500 uses was enough for our MacPac tent. "Summer use only" was their verdict. Certainly not an English summer! If we bought a new tent in N.Z it could save us about 80 pounds, but we may choose another make next time.

Toured around by car for the next few weeks. David caught a 50 pound Ray and two large trout.

The weather turned pretty rainy and we stayed in cabins most of the time as the cost was not much more than camping.

We will tell you more about the last few weeks when we get back. Meantime, bye, and we will see you all soon.


Dave and Joan Wooldridge