8th November 2003

Hello everyone.

Hope our family have recovered from the bug that we all caught during our farewell evening. We are both okay. As the bug prevented Mark from taking us to the airport, Chris Mungovan stepped in at short notice - Thank you very much Chris.

Heathrow to Singapore - 14 hours flight. Stayed in South East Asia hotel in the centre of town for 2 nights. David bought a 256 MB memory card for for his camera for 30 pounds.

Arriving at Singapore we were told that our lug
ed Brisbane eary in the morning with 2 hours to catch the connection to Cairns. At Sgage had been booked direct through to Cairns and all we had to do was to go to the departure lunge. But, we saw our bags on the carousel and our bikes on the side and had to check these through customs on exit. With 20 mins to go., a train-ride with our bikes to the domestic terminal got us to the check in where they informed us that the bikes had to be boxed. They took them anyway. However, they were not on our flight and at Cairns we had to wait another 2 hours for them to arrive. They were in nice new boxes which we immediately discarded to set up for the short ride into town.

Very hot in Cairns. Basic hostel accomodation, but we had our own room. Went snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. This was an all day boat trip with on board food and drink and cost 25 pounds each.

That will do for now. More to come.


Dave and Joan